Hot Roller Slots

Hot Roller Slots
This is a strange title for a slot game, don’t you think? Are we talking about hair rollers here, or something else entirely? We could give you a clue by saying it has something to do with dice, and you might get a better idea of what the Hot Roller slot game is about.

You roll the dice, of course, and hope for the best outcome. And you will do just that when you play the Hot Roller slot.

Format of reels and win lines

There is a nice mix of elements here, with five reels affording enough room for 25 paylines to appear.

Coin values

If you love penny slots, this one can be played in that fashion. You can also try other coin values per line rather than playing one cent per go. Try going to a maximum total bet of $125, for example!

Special symbols to look for in Hot Roller

The wild is pictured as a woman with dice. Maybe she will be lucky and roll some great numbers? Well, she will substitute for other symbols, and if she does this and triggers a nice win, that win will receive a x2 multiplier. The scatter symbol also makes an appearance here, and this shows dice too.

Bonus features

The scatter usually unlocks a bonus of some kind, and that is true in Hot Roller slots as well. It will bring you some free spins, but to find out how many, you must find three scatters.

Once you do this, you will see two red dice and a white one on your screen. You must roll these. The red ones will reveal the number of spins you win, with the numbers on each one multiplying with each other. That means 36 free games would be the highest number you could get. The white die will be rolled to reveal the multiplier for your free games. Could you get the maximum of x6?

Download and enjoy playing the Hot Roller slot game now!

The dice theme is a nice one that hasn’t been overused online – at least, not yet. This one is a pleasing entry into this sparse category of slots, and we liked the way the bonus feature uses the dice to reveal what you have won. How much could you win from those free spins if you manage to go that far in Hot Roller slots?